February 1, 2013

ARBO Releases New OE TRACKER Mobile App for Smartphones

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO) is pleased
to announce the development of a new OE TRACKER mobile app, available for Android and
iPhones. The app was created to assist COPE-approved Administrators and optometrists in
recording continuing education (CE) course attendance. Attendance is easily recorded by
scanning a course-specific QR code that submits the data directly into OE TRACKER immediately
after a course is completed.

OE TRACKER is used by optometrists, continuing education providers and licensing
boards to electronically track, report, and audit CE attendance. The attendance information is
usually supplied directly to ARBO by CE administrators and providers, but O.D.s can also fax
their CE certificates to the ARBO office to have the hours entered into their OE TRACKER
account. The addition of the OE TRACKER mobile app now allows attendance from COPE
courses to instantly be sent to OE TRACKER by simply scanning a QR code. Both CE attendees
and COPE Administrators can download the app to their iPhone or Android phone to record
attendance. Not only is it easy to use, but the app is free to optometrists and COPE-approved

Richard Orgain, O.D., Chair of the OE TRACKER Committee comments, “OE TRACKER
has entered into the next phase of tracking attendance electronically with the new mobile app.
Since we have introduced it, we’ve gotten great feedback on how quick and easy it is to use.
Optometrists love the fact that they receive immediate confirmation of credit on their smartphone.
We encourage all the optometrists and COPE Administrators to try the new OE TRACKER
mobile app.”

“I’m very excited that the OE TRACKER mobile app has made a positive change in the
way that CE providers and optometrists record CE attendance. We’re thrilled that ARBO is able
to provide this new tool to the optometric community, and I want to thank the OE TRACKER
OE TRACKER Smartphone App Committee for the time and effort it took to develop the app,”
says ARBO President Michael Ohlson, O.D., F.A.A.O.

For more information on the new OE TRACKER mobile app and a complete list of
directions for use, please visit https://www.arbo.org/smart_app.php or contact Lisa Fennell,
ARBO Executive Director, 200 South College Street, Suite 2030, Charlotte, NC 28202, ph:
(704) 970-2710, e-mail: lfennell@arbo.org.