May 3, 2022

ARBO Committee Volunteer Opportunities

The lifeblood of any volunteer organization is the willingness of its members to volunteer their time and talent to the organization. ARBO has been blessed with the generosity of its many members who have contributed to the continued success of the organization for over 100 years. There are many committees that can fit your time and commitment requirements. ARBO staff provides support and guidance, and fellow committee members can develop relationships to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a way to get more involved try one of our committees – you won’t be disappointed!

ARBO Volunteer Committee Options

COPE (Council on Optometric Practitioner Education)

Description: The objectives of COPE are:

Term: Eligible for two 3-year terms (Note: This committee is set through 2024. Volunteers are not currently needed)

OE TRACKER (Optometric Education Tracker)

Description: OE TRACKER captures and stores continuing education attendance data for optometrists. The information can be accessed online by optometrists and licensing boards. OE TRACKER saves time and reduces paperwork by tracking/auditing CE credits electronically. The OE TRACKER committee reviews the program annually and makes recommendations for changes and updates.

Term: 1 year

NBERC (National Board Exam Review Committee)

Description: The NBERC verifies the quality and integrity of the National Board Examinations.

Term: 2 years+

CELMO (The Council on Endorsed Licensure Mobility for Optometrists)

Description: CELMO assists ARBO’s member optometry boards in reviewing applications for licensure from established practitioners in other jurisdictions in a uniform and consistent manner.

Term: 1 year +

Judicial Council/Resolutions

Description: Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Judicial Committee will review prior resolutions for relevancy. The Resolutions committee will review and present any new resolutions to the House of Delegates at the Annual Meeting.

Term: 1 year


Description: The Nominating Committee reviews and interviews candidates, and makes a slate of nominees to present to the ARBO House of Delegates for open positions on the ARBO Board of Directors.

Term: 1 year


Description: The Bylaws Committee reviews any proposed amendments and presents them to the House of Delegates at the annual meeting along with the committee’s recommendation regarding the amendment.

Term: 1 year



Term: 2 years+